Old Friends Shares Genuine and Personal EP “Coming of Age”

Released in March, South Jersey-rooted band Old Friends shared their EP “Coming of Age”. The EP consists of seven songs showcasing frontman Nick Noto’s versatility in songwriting, but around the central theme of self-reflection and growing pains. Coming of Age is a highly personal EP. Lead vocalist, Nick Noto, writes and sings about topics such as his father, growing up, feeling isolated, and running away from issues. Just about everything that most people have done or dealt with while they are “coming of age”.

Coming of Age artwork

Coming of Age is the most fitting title. Not only because the record is about my own coming of age, but I feel like it’s a real step in the right direction for the band’s development. This is our coming of age musically. I’m extremely proud of how this turned out and everyone involved in this project. Exceeded all expectation

Nick Noto, lead vocalist

Tracks like “Blame” and Run” feature melancholy acoustic guitar backed by layers of Noto’s vocals questioning moments in his life. “Run” being about a car accident and “Blame” is about Noto’s relationship with his father.

Blame is about my relationship with my father. He had struggled with alcoholism for a huge part of my life, and I had a hard time dealing with that. I put forth a lot of anger and blame towards him for most of my life. Since he had gotten clean, our relationship has never been better. I have learned so much from him about humility, and unconditional love. It’s an amazing feeling to have him in my life; all of him.


The EP as a whole is full of heavy guitars with pop-like melodies, which paints the walls like the Seattle Sound in the ’90s. Noto’s earthy tones and cavernous vocals illuminate nature as a common companion. Tracks “Coming of Age,” “Place to Hide,” and “The Song Written Today” bring about memories.

Coming of Age… It’s an extremely personal song. It’s about growing up, taking from past memories and experiences. My grandmother used to get me a Hess truck every Christmas… One time, me and my cousin got so angry with each other over an N64 game that we cried. My best friends are all named in the last verse. Jeff lived in California for a while, Ryan did blackout on my front lawn when we were like 17, CJ is in the air force. It’s a lot of literal lyrics detailing my very own Coming of Age.”


Exploration and diving into experimental effects played a huge part in the recording of the track “Jon Stewart” and “On My Own”. The former features guitars dwelling underwater leading up to an explosion of energy in the choruses. The song speaks to false confidence and anxiety, feeling as though you are on top of the world, and then the next second feeling down and out. This tells of the continuation of Noto’s battle with anxiety.

Old Friends is an indie rock band from South Jersey. Led by Nick Noto (lead vocals and guitars) accompanied by Anthony Keller (Drums) and Victor Sabatino (producer). Noto’s vocals and swaying guitar riffs bring chills to your body, yet can be quite calming. Inspired by the likes of Alex G and Iron and Wine, Noto brings his own flair of Indie Rock to the Tri-State Area. Old Friends caught the attention of Free Dive Records after the release of “A Better Life” album and they signed to Free Dive Records in February 2020. After their debut single “Run”, a series of releases are scheduled throughout the upcoming year. Noto’s music backed by the quality production of Sabatino and Ripley will give fans (new and old) a chance to truly hear the dynamics of Old Friends.

Though this EP is highly personal to Nick Noto, it also resonates with listeners as being universally relevant through its themes of self-reflection and the pain of growing up. For a seven-track EP, each song packs quite the punch, with the heavy themes of anxiety, isolation, and growing up. Thank you to Nick Noto for sharing such authentic music through this EP.

To keep up with the band, make sure to follow their social media below to learn of upcoming music and any upcoming live shows.


Written By Nick Noto and Victor Sabatino
Performed By: Nick Noto (vocals, guitar), Anthony Keller (drums), Victor Sabatino (keys, bass) PRODUCED BY: Victor Sabatino
Executive Producer: Tyler Rpley
Recording Engineer: Victor Sabatino
Mixing Engineer: Victor Sabatino
Mastering Engineer: Tyler Ripley

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