Satellite Citi practices ‘Black Magic’ in new single

Southern California rockers, Satellite Citi, have been gaining a lot of attention for their newest single “Black Magic”. Black Magic begins with powerful riffs and their equally powerful female vocalist/drummer, Anna Gevorkian. The song continues to 2:35 with a pleasantly melodic and distincive guitar solo lead by guitarist and backing vocalist, Shaunt Sulahian. In the video, the band is joined by two anonymous “Spacewalkers” on bass and guitar, creating an atmospheric aesthetic. The track is being featured in the closing credits and trailer for the upcoming documentary “Long Live Rock…& Celebrate the Chaos,” featuring artists such as Metallica, Halestorm, Rob Zombie and many more. Currently they are working on a new album ‘Fear Tactics’ which involves producer Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo).

“’Black Magic’ is about overcoming the tight grip of an overbearing relationship. There can be toxic relationships in life, whether it’s romantic or a friendship, where you feel trapped under someone’s spell. The song is about breaking free from that spell. Musically, we wanted ‘Black Magic’ to have an anthemic feel, something everyone could sing along to.” – Anna Gevorkian (vocals, drums)


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