Lexis Yelis & Couchsurf Collab For New Song “Between My Thighs”

Lexis Yelis and Couchsurf, both alternative-pop artists have come together to create a new song and video “Between My Thighs”. This potentially NSFW but definitely a fun and sensual song, was created to express some frustrations about intimacy, as the two artists are dating in real life.

This single has the pop tones mixed with hints of R&B, creating this fusion that demands to be heard. The two wrote “Between My Thighs” to a beat they had found on YouTube, which paired perfectly to the lyrics. Everyone loves a good NSFW song, and this one fuels that fire, the lyrics are straight forward yet remain soft and sensual. “Between My Thighs” has the the comforting vocal tones, great beat, and the visuals to match. It places you within the moment, and they show you exactly what it is like from their perspective. This single is a perfect way to end the summer, it’s a must add to your play lists.

Photo By : Andrew Lynn

Lexis Yelis began her career backstage, but in 2019 decided enough was enough and it was time to breakout from the shadows and create her own music. “I was done with waiting and honestly over the excuses I created for myself. I’ve learned that there’s no better time but the present to go after what you want and that’s what I’m trying to do everyday. I’ve decided to dedicate my lifeto making music and whether you love it or hate it, I’m going to do what makes me happy and that’s all that matters.”

Photo By: Alexis Acar

Couchsurf has had a whirlwind of a career thus far, touring the country and playing shows such as Vans Warped Tour 2018 to SEC Colleges. His goal is to bring positivity to people throughout his art. He mainly gained his online following through his songwriting skills, and has surpassed millions in streaming across multiple platforms.

Lexis Yelis: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | | TikTok: lexisyelis

Couchsurf: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter |

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