KILL LINCOLN releases New Album “Can’t Complain”

DC’s own Ska-Punks Kill Lincoln has released their much anticipated album ‘Can’t Complain’ which is their first full length album release in 7 years. For fans of Streetlight Manifesto, Kill Lincoln needs to be in your playlist because this band will make you want to jump in the pit or scream your heart out to their catchy melodies. Within their music you can find elements of hardcore, skate punk, and pop-punk- a little something for most of us. Recorded at District Recording in San Jose CA with engineer Ryan Perras (The Atom Age), you can hear how well the song is mixed despite all of the different instruments that are included in Ska and the challenges the arise with that. ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ is a track from their upcoming album that’s been released with a quarantine dance-party style music video. ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ is a fun song that is sure to make you move. Video below!

 “These are hands down the most fun, challenging, and complete songs we’ve ever written” says vocalist / guitarist Mike Sosinski. “It’s the most Kill Lincoln thing you’ll ever hear, but also something fresh and different I don’t think fans of the band or the genre have experienced yet”.

You can listen to and Order the album here

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