Wednesday at Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte, NC

Photos and Review by: Blanton Leigh

Wednesday, what I can only describe as an alt-rock country band from Asheville, N.C., played a semi-local show at the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, N.C. on June 15, 2023, on this stop of their North American tour, with support from the Chicago-based alternative band Tenci.

I was so excited to cover their show after listening to their recently released critically-acclaimed album Rat Saw God. Not only were they from North Carolina, which is pretty cool (wink-wink), but they also blend the genres of music I grew up listening to. Although their music is new to me, it is instantly classic and nostalgic. I grew up on 90s and early 00s country, big thanks to my dad, as well as being introduced to Paramore (my favorite band) through my sister and her copy of Riot! Wednesday takes the best of both of those styles of music and creates something unique and all their own, I don’t know another band like them. 

Since the band was semi-local to the area, the show felt very intimate, with friends of lead singer Karly Hartzman showing up to support her, especially during the more emotional moments, which was lovely to witness. If her vocals weren’t soaring while she was playing the hell out of the most beautiful, glittery guitar I’ve ever seen, she was pulling the audience in with a softer side of her voice, hanging on her every word. In both extremes, you could feel everything she was feeling, every word filled with truth and emotion. I can’t wait to see where they go next, and to see them live again. 

Stream Wednesday’s album Rat Saw God:

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