3dBs Released New Album “Get Your Retaliation in First”

The album “Get Your Retaliation in First” has been released by Kent UK ska-punk band 3dBs Down via Engineer Records. “Get Your Retaliation in First,” explores a more punk-centric sound than any record 3dBs Down has released before. It’s been 15 years since the band released their previous record. There are definitely ska influences linking... Continue Reading →

Little Hag Premieres New Video For “Encore”

On April 19th, New Jersey’s modest indie rockers, Little Hag, premiered a new video for “Encore” via FLOOD Magazine. The track was a part of the band’s late-2020 release, Whatever Happened To Avery Jane? “Encore” draws parallels between the track’s anxious and almost gloatful ode to improvising on stage and the dramatic lap that baseball... Continue Reading →

Queer Madison Synth Rock Band Kat and the Hurricane’s New Single “Out of My Mind” is Available Now in Preparation for an Upcoming EP

Queer Madison-based band Kat and the Hurricane has released their latest single “Out of My Mind” earlier in 2021. It was released alongside previous track “Sorry That I’m Like This,” and is building into a new EP set to release around late Spring or early Summer. “Out of My Mind” starts with an acoustic somber... Continue Reading →

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