Quarantine Q&A Vol.2 #26: Søndag

Heavy Rock band Søndag, hailing from Piacenza, Italy, has released their new single 'Titans'. The four members of Søndag are Marcello Lega (Guitars & Backing Vocals), Riccardo Demarosi (Bass Guitar & Vocals), Riccardo Lovotti (Drums), and Marco Benedetti (Guitars). 'Titans' is the second of two singles that the band released this year, the first being 'Trendsetter'.... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Q&A Vol.2 #25: Arya

Arya is a band trying among many difficulties to push the boundaries of music and to express their own emotions and personalities. Based in Rimini, Italy, they started out in 2015, making themselves known for their intense music, that shows a huge number of influences and elements of many genres including metal, grunge, jazz, shoegaze,... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Q&A Vol.2 #24: Fatality

The modern Nu-Metal outfit, with the current lineup formed in the winter of 2019 after the recruitment of drummer Jordan Maze. Josh Abbott, Gareth Brimley and Matt Shynn complete the quartet.They went on to record their 2nd EP 'Prey' in 2018 and organised and played an Essex tour, culminating with their EP release party in... Continue Reading →

A Girl Named Jaen : New Release

A Girl Named Jaen just released a new single “We Are The Chorus” today, as a battle cry to inspire people to get out and fight for what they’re passionate about. Having been inspired by current and past events, A Girl Named Jaen wrote “We Are The Chorus” about standing up and together to make... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Q&A Vol.2 #23: Ghosts of Sunset

Ghosts of Sunset is a new project from a songwriting duo with some impressive Rock & Roll credentials, and an equally formidable rolodex. John Merchant is a singer and songwriter from Western Michigan, formerly of the band Dutch Henry. Merchant’s creative cohort is formerMichigander turned Alaskan, Todd Long. The multi-instrumentalist Long has filled various roles... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Q&A Vol.2 #22: Esteban

"Continuing their odyssey into what they call desert funk, Esteban are one of the most exciting emerging bands in the UK at the minute” - Line Of Best Fit FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER Q: Introduce yourself in 6 words or less. A: Esteban play Desert Funk music. Q: During the Covid-19 Quarantine, a lot of people... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Q&A Vol.2 #21: Perseide

"PERSEIDE was born from four childhood friends who decided to form a rock band in 2001, as they were just teenagers. Ten years later, they were crossing the frontiers to share their music widely. After two EP released, a signing to OrageRock label, thousands of gigs across France, Europe and even in the USA, with... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Q&A Vol.2 #20: Emily Daccarett

"For designer Emily Daccarett fashion and music can not be separated. Daccarett creates an immersive world of storytelling through music, film, and fashion. She graduated from Instituto Marangoni in Paris and the prestigious Ecole De La Chambre Syndicale de La Couture Parisienne. SoonAfter graduating from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. She made her runway... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Q&A Vol.2 #18: Venus Fly Trap

FACEBOOK MR: Introduce yourself in 6 words or lessVENUS FLY TRAP-“Bladerunner rock n roll with acidic shades” MR: During the covid 19 quarantine,a lot of people spent time doing things they wouldn’t have normally done…did you pick up any new hobbies or learn new skills?VENUS FLY TRAP- Difficult for me as I run a record... Continue Reading →

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