KILL LINCOLN releases New Album “Can’t Complain”

DC’s own Ska-Punks Kill Lincoln has released their much anticipated album ‘Can’t Complain’ which is their first full length album release in 7 years. For fans of Streetlight Manifesto, Kill Lincoln needs to be in your playlist because this band will make you want to jump in the pit or scream your heart out to... Continue Reading →

Meïa Fundraiser

As many of you know, COVID-19 took a huge toll on the music industry. Many crew, artists and venues are left struggling to fund projects, and have to come up with non traditional ideas for work. Meïa is a singer/songwriter from Barcelona, Spain, who moved to NYC to work on projects. “My mom got Covid... Continue Reading →

Midfield Drops New Music Video Today

Photo by: Jesse Joseph Philadelphia’s Midfield released a brand new music video for their song “Smackdown of the Century” today (8/28/2020). In this socially distanced time, the video shows an audience to the wrestling match there via zoom, while showing different characters going round for round in the ring, all while still showing an energetic... Continue Reading →

Mokita Releasing New Single “Down” Out Now

Singer/songwriter and producer, Mokita is ready to release his new single ‘Down’. Mokita (John-Luke Carter) is a multitalented Nashville musician, and has had all success with his solo music. He released an EP (4201) in 2019, and gained over 200 million streams, and 2.2 million listeners on Spotify. In addition to his solo work, he’s... Continue Reading →

Five Crumbs Release New Single “Gravity”

Five Crumbs, an alt rock band from Greifswald, Germany, is debuting a new single today. Formed in 2017, they’ve released two EPs previously, but are bringing a more upbeat sound with “Gravity”. Striving to create an unique sound, “Gravity” mixes rock riffs with electronic sounds making it different from your typical alt rock band. Five... Continue Reading →

Flux Psyche New EP “Drifting”

Gearing up to release their new EP "Drifiting", Flux Psyche talks about how the album wasn't exactly planned, and what the EP means to them. " after song poured out of me and it was all kind of just about what I was feeling at the time." Having this flow of writing, where the lyrics... Continue Reading →

Indie Duo, AFTYN Release Their New LP “Minutia”

Guinnevere Philipp and Chris Maher, make up the Indio duo, AFTYN, and have released their latest LP “Minutia” this past weekend! Guinnevere was inspired by her own experiences when writing the lyrics, making this album very personal. The band states “The content [of Minutia] reaches from feelings of nostalgia about friendships, letting go of past... Continue Reading →

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