Two Eyes Open New Single “Good Gone Away”

Pop-punk/ alternative-rock band, Two Eyes Open, released their latest single, “Good Gone Away” off of their EP “Satellites”. This song focuses on loss and the ways we experience it throughout life. “The first half of the song was written after a relationship fizzled out, and the second half was written about six months later when a friend passed away,’s about realizing that love takes sacrifice; it’s never without some degree of pain.” says singer/songwriter Dustin Parlier.

The band has releases a few other songs earlier in 2020 but took a break to focus on the prevalent issues going on in the world today. As a reaction to the protest that were and still are taking place, they wrote ‘Face The Light’, and used the profits from the songs purchases to raise and donate $500 for the NAACP. Their song puts them in the categories of pop punk along side, Knuckle Puck, Grayscale, and Blink-182.

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