Perseide Releases New Album “The Only Thing”

Perseide, an alternative rock band from Lyon, released new album "The Only Thing" which is available for purchase on CD and digital platforms. Formed in 2001 by childhood friends, the alt rockers had released and performed all across France, Europe and the US. They have previously released two other EPs and are signed to OrageRock... Continue Reading →

Rig Rundown with Anytime Soon

With live shows at a standstill, bands are getting creative with ways to stay connected with their fan base. From exclusive merch drops to live streaming shows, it helps both musicians and fans feel connected. Anytime Soon put out a rig rundown to dive a bit deeper into what goes into making them ready to... Continue Reading →

Two Eyes Open New Single “Good Gone Away”

Pop-punk/ alternative-rock band, Two Eyes Open, released their latest single, "Good Gone Away" off of their EP "Satellites". This song focuses on loss and the ways we experience it throughout life. "The first half of the song was written after a relationship fizzled out, and the second half was written about six months later when... Continue Reading →

Major Moment Releases New Single ‘The Flood’

Photography: Ian Urquhart Boston based band Major Moment, a duo of two Russian-born vocalists,  has recently released a new single “The Flood”. The song's name was inspired by an old french saying, "Après nous, le déluge” which translates to “After us, the flood”. The story behind the saying is particularly important during a time like... Continue Reading →

Lisa Danaë Set To Release ‘STARLET’ on July 24th

Artwork by: Josh Suguitan Filipina-American pop artist, Lisa Danaë, is gearing up to release 'STARLET' an anthem of self-love and owning who you are. Growing up in California, Lisa began performing at a young age, but really began the pop career in 2013. Her music primarily focus's on empowerment through vulnerability. Fully inspired by Musical Notes... Continue Reading →

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